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Accurate Related Posts Plug-in

When you view a single post entry on this site, there is a section between the post content and user comments which contains two lists: one displays a list of related posts and another list contain the most discussed posts on this blog. For related posts list, I used WASABI’s Related Posts plug-in, which is based on the idea of keyword matching; however, if you pay close attention to the generated list, then you will notice that sometimes the list of posts are not really related. Now, with WordPress 2.3 recently released, which includes native tagging system, I think the related posts plug-in can really be improved by taking advantage of the tagging system. Well, you know what, someone thought the same and made and released WordPress 2.3 Related Posts Plug-in.

Related Posts Plug-in Comparison

Instead of verbally praising the accuracy and superiority of WordPress 2.3 Related Posts plug-in, I think a concrete and visual example may be more effective. Please refer to the above image, which illustrates the related posts list generated by both plug-ins about a movie review I wrote two days ago, In the Valley of Elah Review. With the WASABI’s plug-in, 3 out of the 5 related posts is obviously not related; on the other hand the list on the right, generated by the new plug-in which uses tag matching, is 100% related. Why? Because all these posts are tagged with tags such as movies and review. I am just glad that recently I tagged the entire site.

Are you convinced now? So, if your blog is tagged and you have upgraded to 2.3, go ahead and get this wonderful plug-in, make your related posts list more accurate and truly related.

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