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Gone Baby Gone Review

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If you like twists and surprising endings, then you would enjoy this film. Although some of them are somewhat predictable, but nonetheless the movie still maintains a sense of suspense and in the process it presents a dilemma to its audience. The movie ended after 1 hour and 55 minutes, but in a way it never ends. The question left in people’s heart should at least have an impact on people’s view about child abduction and beyond. Particularly, how we are treating and taking care of our children, how is the environment in which they grow up? Indeed, like the opening narrative said, there are things in life that we cannot choose, but this is exactly the reason that we need to work even harder to control the things that are within our ability, so a vicious cycle can be broken starting from our children. I think this is a serious and intense movie which ventures into dark places in humanity. Ben Affleck did a good job directing this movie.

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