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iPod Touch

There was a need of a portable music player in my life, so I pondered on the new iPod nano and iPhone, but after couple days of research, reading reviews and identifying my needs, I decided to go with iPod touch. The acquisition took place on Sunday (October 28th) night. Actually this is my first iPod, the last one was a gift to my girlfriend. Now, go on and congratulate me!

My iPod Touch

Wondering why I decided to purchase an iPod touch? Here is my explanation, beware this is very subjective! iPhone is great! Combining a phone and a multimedia player, gadget lovers finally can carry less and enjoy more. However, personally I still think it is a bit pricey, over $400 dollars of expense is still too luxurious for me. Besides, for a more accurate calculation on the total expense, you need to add the monthly data plan charges and also the incarceration of the accompanied 2 year AT&T contract. Although I am already an AT&T customer, however I am currently contract free, and my phone plan is very economical. Adding these facts, iPhone suddenly lost some appeals to me. Another thing to point out, I am not really a phone person, currently I am still using my old faithful Nokia 8850.

On the other hand, one thing that hindered me from deciding on iPod touch is its applications. Apparently, Apple intends to draw a clear distinction between iPod touch and iPhone, so iPod touch comes with fewer applications than iPhone. Besides of music, video and photo, it is only equipped with Safari, a read-only calendar, contacts, clock and calculator, but I really enjoy other applications available on iPhone. Obviously, I was stuck in my personal dilemma until I read about jailbreaking your iPod touch. At that point my mind was set, and so far I am very happy with my decision.

Stay tuned, more entries will follow in the near future about stuff I learned on my iPod touch, I think it is going to be a fun journey!

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