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Go Chargers Go!

2007 Chargers vs. Lions

So, finally this day has come! On Sunday, my friend and I went to Qualcomm Stadium and watched the game between San Diego Chargers and Detroit Lions. I was super excited, how could I not be? This is my first time watching a football game live in the stadium, and since I have lived in San Diego for nearly 12 years I can say I am a Chargers’ fan. It was a fun game to watch, we basically had a blowout, final score is Chargers 51 and Lions 14. We had 5 interceptions, forced 1 fumble, produced 6 touchdowns and at the end of game Chargers obtained the AFC West title.

Chargers vs. Lions
Chargers vs. Lions

Before the game, we had Navy parachute team land into the Qualcomm Stadium from the sky. That was quite a thrill to watch. Then, after singing the National Anthem, as a routine we had two fighter jets flying over the stadium, the roaring jets really got my blood pumping. I enjoyed the whole experience, screaming for touchdowns, cheering for my team’s defense and giving high-fives to other fans sitting next to me when Chargers scores. You really can’t get all these when you watch the game from your living room, so I think if I have opportunity I will do it more in the future.

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