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My 5 Favorite Web Apps on iPod Touch

I have had my iPod touch for nearly two months now, and I found the bookmark in my Safari growing steadily. Out there on the internet, there are many cool and useful web apps. Mainly, I discover them through the listing on Apple’s Web Apps page. Today, I want to share with you 5 of my favorite web apps. Some of them are simply cool, and are only used once a while, but others are simply indispensable.

1. SportsTap

If you are a sports junkie, then you know right now in the U.S. we have football season heading towards playoffs, and NBA season going on at full speed. However, during the weekdays and weekends it is hard to keep up with all the games. This is where SportsTap comes for rescue.

SportsTap HomeSportsTap NBASportsTap NFL

With SportsTap, you can found out the schedule of all the games, game results and details about each game. It literally offers all the information at your fingertip. The site is easy to use and all you have to do is just tap the screen. If you are a sports fan, this is a must have.


I love movies, and I watch a lot of movies. By the way, check out my movie reviews if you are interested. Now, sometimes we are just too lazy to boot up the computer to check movie times at local theaters, or even worse we may not have a computer nearby at all. Don’t worry, unlock your iPod touch and open in your Safari. With the zip code, you can get showtimes of all the movie theaters in your area. Besides the showtimes, also offers the rating, trailer and the IMDB page of the movie. Now, going to movies and deciding on which movie to watch can be easier, and without having to endure the lengthy monotonous recording of those theater phone lines.

3. PocketTweets

Are there any twitters? I am sure you are one, these days who has not heard of Twitter. I started using Twitter this year, and I love the simplicity of it. I love writing tweets and also reading other people’s updates. Often, I find interesting links and news on Twitter posted by others.


Now, with iPod touch in your hand, you can tweet wherever you go, and stay connected to those you are following. You can achieve these through the wonderful PocketTweets, and I love the interface.

4. Bejeweled

This one is a game that everyone should be familiar with. I remember those old days, when I used to play it on Yahoo! It is fun and addictive. Thanks to the developers, now we can play Bejeweled on our iPod touch. So when you are bored, or want to kill some time, remember that Bejeweled is in your iPod touch.


5. Zinio Magazines

I actually discovered Zinio Magazines recently, and I love the idea of reading graphic intensive magazines on my little iPod touch. I hope the web site will expand their magazine selection in the future.

Zinio MagazinesMagazine Cover

I am sure you noticed that there are Penhouse and Playboy magazines in the selection, just make sure you don’t browse them at your workplace.

I hope you enjoyed my picks here, and I ask you to please share yours with me as well. If you use any web apps that you think it is worth recommending, please do so in the comment area.

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