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I Am Legend Review

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Personally, it is fun to see a deserted New York City, where wild life slowly takes over the city, and our sole survivor hunts a deer in Time Square. However, this is a movie, it needs more than just spectacular shots. It needs a good story and convincing acting. Certainly, the convincing acting part has been provided by the talented actor Will Smith. Pardon me if I sound biased here, but I really like actor Will Smith. Believe or not, I still watch episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on TV, they still make me laugh. The acting of Will Smith is top-notch. Come on! Can you imagine how hard it is to act and to touch the audience’s heart with nearly no supporting actors but just dummies? The scene in which Robert Neville returns to DVD rental store to say hello to the female dummy really moved me. Will Smith convinced me of the loneliness suffered by a sole survivor living in an empty city. The problem with I Am Legend is not acting or the impressive CG, but the story. The story is filled with logical mistakes, and it is incomplete. There are so many parts of the story left untold by the end of the movie and the ending felt too soon. Therefore Robert Neville’s heroism is never built, or convinced to the audience.

Now, let’s move on to the short IMAX film of The Dark Knight. I bet some of you are reading this review just for this part. Let me just say that it is awesome, and after seeing this I have no doubt about this upcoming Batman sequel. The entire 6 or 7 minutes of the film is fast-paced, intense and it felt real. Towards the end, it was able to build up a climax which makes your heart pumping, and then of course the Joker has a surprise for you, violence wrapped in a cruel sense of humor. I definitely recommend this short film to everyone, hopefully we will see it appearing online soon.

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