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This is a great movie with a powerful story. Particularly, I love the soundtrack of this movie, it fits so well with the story and the movie intentionally utilizes the music to connects different segments of the story. The background music really makes the movie, which in some parts lacks dialogues, to flow and to carry on the emotional rhythm. It is tragic but it feels so real and so close to heart. Nothing is blindly exaggerated, instead everything is told in a very honest and forthright manner, like the lines in the movie: without embellishment, just pure honesty. At the end of the movie, the film delivers its emotional punch, and it is pretty much a confession of a heart. However, in its simplicity, it manages to leave you thinking about it over and over again, and I suspect the story will be left in your heart for a long time. I highly recommend this film, acting is good, the way the story is presented is great, and in many cases the inner world of the characters is shown rather than told, but it never loses force. By the way, I am seriously thinking about getting the soundtrack of this movie.

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