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The Savages Review

The Savages

I like movies like this, dealing with serious issues yet inserting just the right amount of humor into tearful or depressing moments. It feels like the director is playing with your emotion, or perhaps saving your from awkward emotional outburst in public. The Savages is a simple movie comparing to other top box office movies, but with solid performance from Linney and Hoffman. The superb performance delivered by these two actors made the complex characters they each played believable and three-dimensional. At the end of the film, I felt I formed bonds with both characters, because they appeared real, fallible and most importantly after struggles still hopeful. The Savages never intended to provide an answer to the problems of elderly people’s living arrangement in America, but in my opinion it is brutally honest about it. Finally, just a word of warning, I don’t think The Savages is a movie that everyone or most people would enjoy. Having that said, of course this review is highly personal.

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