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Since last night, Wooden Fish started to run ads from Google AdSense. This is a major decision after blogging here for over 3 years, for in the past I have held negative attitude towards advertisement. So, what is the reason behind my decision? It is rather simple: I would like to use my written words to generate enough revenue to cover the cost in maintaining this blog running. Other than this, nothing has changed. I still don’t like to populate my blog with annoying ads, I still don’t blog merely to make couple bucks, and I still blog because I love to, because I love writing. As you can see, the placement of ads is currently very limited, only two places. I think I will keep this arrangement for awhile to experiment. Everything is still tentative. Now, here is my request to you: If you like what I write and offer on this site, and if you just happen to see an interesting ad while visiting, please be kind to offer a helping hand, so I can keep this hobby up without too much burden. Thanks! By the way, what do you think about running ads on a blog?

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