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Some Thoughts after Macworld 2008

If you are outraged by the $20 charge on iPod touch users for the 5 new apps, sign this petition.

What a day! I just finished watching the entire Macworld 2008 Keynote minutes ago, and I am going to write down my initial reactions to some of Steve’s announcements. First, let’s talk about the main course of this year’s keynote, MacBook Air, claimed as the world’s thinnest notebook.

MacBook Air

One has to admire Apple’s product design and the constant pursuit of perfection. Just by its appearance, it appears sleek, light, high-end and elegant. The design creates a strong appeal in consumers, it did to me when I first saw it. Besides, this notebook is really pushing the boundaries on how thin can an ultra-portable laptop can be, and I think Apple definitely achieved its goal on setting a new record and a new standard. However, it is not all praises for MacBook Air, I found John Gruber and Paul Stamatiou‘s posts echoing most of my thoughts.

Personally, I don’t see myself attracted to MacBook Air at this point, especially with its price set at $1799 and $3098. One thing for sure, after buying this notebook, your wallet certainly will be thin. Similar to John Gruber, I currently use my PowerBook as my primary machine, and when it comes to the time of upgrade, I would probably buy a new MacBook Pro, because portability and weight are in my considerations. As a primary machine, I value performance and storage capacity for than anything else, also the price difference is very small.

iPod touch Update

The announcement about the software update for iPod touch certainly got me excited. I mean these 5 new applications should have been there since day one, so I am glad to see Apple decided to offer these in the 1.1.3 update. But, wait, what was that?! You mean I have to pay $20 for this software update?! That’s like a slap on the face for all the early iPod touch owners. It just does not make sense. A new owner will pay the same price as I did, which mean getting 1.1.3 for free; but because I bought my iPod touch earlier, now I have to pay extra 20 dollars just to get a software update?! Somebody please explain the logic here to me! Therefore, I certainly won’t update my iPod touch.

What do you think of MacBook Air? Are you planning on getting one in the near future? What about the $20 charge on 1.1.3 for iPod touch? If you are an iPod touch owner, have you purchased it and updated?

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