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Cloverfield Review

Official Poster of 01-18-08

I did not walk in the theater completely convinced that I will enjoy the movie. I hoped, because I paid for the tickets and I expected something in return. I had my worries. One is the way how the film is recorded, supposedly on a hand-held video recorder. I still remember the dreadful The Blair Witch Project. It was realistic enough, but it was also hard to watch and hard to distinguish what was really on screen. After watching Cloverfield, I can personally assure you that you don’t have to worry about this problem. My second worry is the hype this film has made prior to its release, and whether it can live up to its hype. One thing I want to point out. Cloverfield has done a superb job on advertising, on evoking everyone’s interest and discussion. This is not the first monster movie, yet they have successfully provoked a tremendous amount of interest. For my second worry, I can also testify to you that it did live up to its hype. I like the way the director chose to start and to end the film, in this clever way the film dodges the responsibility to give any scientific explanation for the origin of the monster, and also any closure to the fate of the monster. Instead, the film can focus on achieving in one goal, to create a realistic and intense human experience in an disastrous event, and the film definitely achieved its goal. To sum it up, I enjoyed the intense ride this film provided to the audience, and I enjoyed the acting from these anonymous actors.

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