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Leopard on My PowerBook

As the last screenshot entails, I am leaving Tiger behind and have made the move on Leopard. To start the transition, I backed up my PowerBook using the wonderful SuperDuper, and proceeded with a clean install of Leopard on my PowerBook G4. Then, I spent several hours after work to complete the data migration, and at the same time also did some data cleanup and re-organization. So far, the cat is behaving well on my PowerBook, no noticeable slowdowns and everything maintains to be highly usable.

Hello Leopard

However, there were some glitches that I encountered during this whole process. First one was the repetitive crash with Mail, and it had to do with the to-do list now integrated with Mail. By the way, to make the whole situation clear, I need to mention that I installed Anxiety on my Leopard, a lightweight to-do management tool. Anxiety actually indirectly manipulates the to-do list in the iCal and Mail, but it presents the list with a very slick interface. When I installed Anxiety, I played with it for awhile, created some testing tasks, and also opened iCal to verify the synchronization. Perhaps, during my testing, I created some inconsistency of the shared to-do list, and when Mail tries to synchronize it, it crashes. So, one way to fix the problem is to delete the existing to-do list through iCal. That fixed my Mail crash problem.

Another mysterious problem I noticed after installing Leopard is the light of Caps Lock key does not light up when it is activated. I searched in the Apple Support forum, it seems a lot of users are experiencing bizarre problems with this key after the Leopard installation. I rebooted twice, and the key finally functioned properly again, but I still suspect it is a OS bug.

However, overall, it is a worthy OS upgrade, I recommend the upgrade if you have a similar laptop. I think it is beneficial to the users with all the cool and useful features packed in Leopard.

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