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These days comedies are not rare. On any Friday, you can probably find 1 or 2 comedies opening at movie theaters. However, quantity does not equate to quality. Most of the comedies are either mediocre or simply not funny. Let’s also think how majority of the comedies make the audience laugh. A lot of recent comedies employ vulgar language and outrageous human behaviors, couple examples in mind, Superbad and Knocked Up. Of course, I am not criticizing certain films; if they make you laugh and you enjoyed them, then they are good comedies to you. After all, taste in movies is a very subjective and personal matter. Personally, I kind of want to watch a different sort of comedies. Comedies, in which the language is relatively clean, the plot is enticing, the characters are lovable and the humor is witty. If you are still reading, I assume you are in agreement with me, and I want to recommend to you Be Kind Rewind.

Be Kind Rewind is funny, creative and aspiring. I am amazed at various creative techniques Jerry and Mike used to swede movies that we are familiar with. Often, these creative yet cute techniques evoked laughters among the audience, which was pretty refreshing. Besides of laughter, you will also walk out of theater touched, uplifted and with the knowledge of the origin of the word “swede”.

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