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Thoughts on Wall-E

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When I first wrote about Wall-E, I was curious rather than interested or excited. Pixar has been known for its creativity and enticing storytelling, but maybe because its consistent production of top-notch films, it has become difficult to surpass past achievements. I watched the last couple Pixar films, Cars and Ratatouille, personally I was disappointed of Cars and loved Ratatouille. So, when Wall-E came along, I was not sure how to feel about this new Pixar film, also at the time not much information was revealed about Wall-E.

Wall-E Trailer Screenshot

However, as we approach closer to the release date, more and more details about this film started to surface online. Last month, after reading this post on FirstShowing, I was officially interested and excited about this movie. Then, after watching the full trailer, I can say I am really anxious to see this film. I want to see how writer/director Andrew Stanton uses this cute robot to tackle topics such as loneliness, friendship and perhaps love. In addition, I am really amazed how Wall-E, a robot with just eyes and arms, can communicate to others a variety of complex emotions. That’s very interesting!

I am definitely going to see this film in theater, and I hope it is a story that touches my heart like the story of Finding Nemo.

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