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The Rashomon narrative style is certainly interesting, but when each perspective fails to reveal anything surprising to hold viewers’ attention, the narrative is then in danger of becoming repetitive and boring. Vantage Point is an action thriller about the assassination of the president, and most part of the film consists of showing the same event from the perspectives of 8 strangers. Although an unusual way of storytelling, but unfortunately I found myself hard to stay focused after the fourth or fifth perspective. I felt that some of the perspectives did not add any extra layer to the story, and I was ready to push the story forward, to move into solving the crime. Besides of my unpleasant experience with the repetition, I am also unhappy with the ending. The ending failed to deliver the final punch, it failed to elevate the movie, or to justify the need to narrate the event from different perspectives. The ending simply exposed to the audience that the story behind the movie is nothing but mediocre and predictable, and along the way it made the hero looked dumb. So, if you want to watch it, wait for the DVD, and be kind with the logical flaws in the plot.

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