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Sunshine Review


I watched this movie over the weekend on a DVD, and I was hesitant to write a review about it. The reason of my hesitation is that I could not have a definite opinion on it. On one hand, the movie is fascinating to watch, it is visually stunning. Many of the scenes in the film were just beautiful and to some extent majestic. Through these scenes, you really get a sense of our own insignificance and weakness when facing the vast and unknown universe. On the other hand, I felt that the plot of the movie was too shallow. I expected the movie to be thought-provoking, or at least to present to viewers some sort of philosophical dilemma; but instead it ended up to be merely another thriller. So, in this regard, I was a bit disappointed. Nevertheless, because of its cinematographic beauty I still recommend people to watch it, but don’t expect too much of the story.

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