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Forgetting Sarah Marshall Review

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Since this is a comedy, I am going to tell you first and foremost that it is a hilarious movie. There were funny moments throughout the movie, so as far as making the audience laugh I think this movie has done a sufficient job. However, I did feel the movie is a bit too long. It runs 112 minutes, which is rare in comedy flicks, and indeed because of this length there were some unnecessary scenes, which made the story-line a bit loose and distracted. Finally, just be warned that there are plenty of sexual contents and some full frontal nudity in this film, so if you are kind of person who does not enjoy nudity and sex-related jokes, then you should simply skip this film. Otherwise, this is a funny and entertaining comedy to catch, plus Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis were stunningly beautiful and sexy in the film.

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