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When Juno first came out, I was not a bit interested. I watched the trailer. I knew what the movie is about, unfortunately a movie about teen pregnancy does not appeal to me. How funny and interesting can it be? Not too long after its release, I started to hear praises from my friends and co-workers. They were genuinely excited about Juno, and they praised Ellen Page highly. However, I was still not completely convinced, I was stubborn. Then, Oscar gave Juno’s writer Diablo Cody an award, and I started to become curious, and wanted to watch this film.

Well, last week I finally watched Juno, and I have to admit my previous assumptions were all wrong. When I finished watching the movie, I completely fell in love with Juno, the main character played by Ellen Page. I found myself particularly interested in the dialogs, especially Juno’s language, which seemed inconsistent with her age and maturity. It seemed bizarre, but magically addictive, and Ellen Page delivered every word with clarity, wit, a right amount of apathy and a palpable attitude. Therefore, when she finally showed her emotion towards the end of the movie, it was really touching. I enjoyed Juno from start to end. I laughed and I was also touched, and the music throughout the movie is superb as well. So, if you were dubious about Juno like me, I like to urge you to give it a shot!

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