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Plug-ins Used on My Archive Page

Today, I want to recommend two excellent plug-ins that I use on my archive page. First one is a plug-in that I recently discovered from WordPress’ dashboard, it is called Compact Archives by Rob Marsh. I think this is an useful plug-in for a blog that has a massive number of entries. I wanted to keep my archive page compact yet still organized and accessible, and I think Compact Archives does just that. The second plug-in is called WP-Cumulus by Roy Tanck. It is a plug-in that generates an animated flash object with tags found in one’s blog. If it is hard for you to imagine what it looks like, just visit my archive page for a demo of both plug-ins. I think WP-Cumulus can be better and improved, and I am sure the author will do so in the future releases. For now, I still think it is very cool to have an animated tag cloud.

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