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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Review

Indiana Jones 4

Before you read this review, I would like you to keep two facts in your mind. First, I did not watch all the previous Indiana Jones films. Second, I am not a passionate Indiana Jones fan. Having stated that, I still walked into the movie theater with high expectation. I wanted to find out for myself what is so great about this movie franchise, I expected to experience an action and mystery packed adventure. Unfortunately, my expectation was not met. When I walked out the theater, I could not help but feeling disappointed. I could not answer why Indiana Jones is so great, but only to assume the previous installments were probably better. The entire movie felt like a mash-up of segments of different adventure films, except it lacks intensity, thrill and good humor. For instance, the monkey-rope scene, the falling of three waterfalls, they were absurd and ridiculous. In addition, I felt the movie needs more humor. There were some funny moments, but they were not enough, and some of them were not even funny. In all, Indiana Jones 4 was a disappointment for me, it did not deliver the big bang to knock me over.

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