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Wall-E Review

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When reviewing Wall-E, this year’s Pixar animated film, I try to keep simple-minded. I don’t think it is an animated version of The Inconvenient Truth. Certainly, it does portrait an abandoned earth, and a survived robot programmed to collect waste, but the movie’s main story or message is not about environment. It is simply a touching story about love and relationship.

Considering in the majority of movie only robots are involved, there were not a lot of conversations, however through other means (background music and stunning visuals) the film-maker still managed to make the story coherent and comprehensible, furthermore established a strong connection between the audience and the characters. This alone is a big achievement.

There is really nothing to say about the visual and rendering of the film. As usual, Pixar delivers top-notch CG and pays attention to the smallest details.

Without giving too much away, I am really afraid to ruin your movie experience, I like to recommend you this film. If you are planning to see a movie this long weekend, take your kids and wife and join these cute robots for a journey in the universe.

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