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Chicago Trip Day 1

Arriving to ChicagoWe arrived at Chicago around 1pm afternoon. While walking out of Midway airport, I noticed there were power sockets everywhere in the airport lounge. As a geek, this is such convenience. Travelers can charge various gadgets while waiting for the flight. I hope one day San Diego airport can be like this. Once we found the train station, we took the orange line and headed to The Loop. We stayed in Hotel Burnham, which is located in the theater district, few blocks from Millennium Park. I highly recommend this hotel, good service, clean and cozy room and the location is just perfect. Two complimentary services we enjoyed a lot are free coffee in the morning and free wine in late afternoon.

After we checked in and dropped our luggage in the hotel, we went out for deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria. The pizza was delicious and surprisingly juicy. After the late lunch, we returned to our hotel for a nap. We were overcome by fatigue and food coma.

Deep Dish Pizza

Later that day, we walked from our hotel to Navy Pier. It was not a short walk, but the spectacular views on Michigan Ave. and along Chicago River made the distance unnoticed. Here are some photos I snapped while walking on Michigan Ave.:

Michigan Ave
King Lear Statue

We spent the night on Navy Pier. The view of the skyscrapers of Chicago downtown from Navy Pier is beautiful. When the night fell and all the buildings lit up, it was just beautiful. We were lucky, because that Saturday night Navy Pier featured Venetian Night Fireworks. It was the longest firework show I ever seen in my life. It lasted roughly 20 minutes. To finish the day off, we had dinner at Andy’s Jazz Club.

Downtown from Navy Pier

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