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Chicago Trip Day 2

We woke up in our hotel the second day of our trip, and Chicago welcomed us with sunny weather. The good weather really made our trip merrier. Prior to the trip, I have planned to take the Architecture River Cruise provided by Chicago Architecture Foundation, so I purchased the tickets in advance on Ticketmaster. I really recommend doing that, because the tour is very popular and tend to sell out easily in the weekends. The tour is great, very educational and seeing the skyscrapers from the river was very different, better view and different perspective. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the history of the city and different styles and movements in the history of architecture. I could not believe that she is just a volunteer and doing this one hour and half tour on the weekends just for fun. Now, let me show you some photos I took during the cruise:

Chicago Architecture
Civic Opera Building
Sears Tower
Lexury Apartment

After the morning river cruise, we visited Millennium Park and Grant Park. They are huge parks. They provided much needed empty space in a crowded downtown. I think it is a wise choice in the city planning. The Cloud Gate in Millennium Park is a very unique tourist attraction, specially for kids. When we were there it attracted so many tourists, it was very hard to take pictures.

Cloud Gate
Buckingham Fountain

We then spent rest of the day in Field Museum. I really loved this museum, so many exhibitions and so many things to learn. I would definitely visit it again next time when I am in Chicago. You can easily spend the entire day in this museum. Unfortunately, we were too exhausted by the time we got into the museum.

Field Museum

Finally, we concluded the day visiting Chicago Chinatown, and we randomly chose a Chinese restaurant for dinner. There is a funny story here. As I said before, we chose the restaurant randomly, but the food was not very good. All the dishes lacked flavor, as if the chef forgot to add proper amount of sauce. Then, when we got out of restaurant, we saw on the display window stating that the restaurant is currently looking to hire a chef. Now, the question is who really cooked our food?

Chicago Chinatown

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