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Chicago Trip Day 3 and 4

Chicago continued to give us sunny weather on the third day of our trip. After waking up from a night of good sleep, we headed right back to Museum Campus. One thing I want to compliment is the free trolley for tourists provided by the city. It runs every 20 minutes and there were many different routes taking tourists to different attractions. I believe the free tourist trolley is only in service during summer, so if you are going to Chicago during summer take advantage of this. It definitely made our travel between tourist destinations easier. On this day, we visited Adler Planetarium and Shedd Aquarium located along the lakefront.

Adler Planetarium
Shedd Aquarium

The Night Sky show in the Adler Planetarium was awesome and educational. Staring into the night sky without any light pollution is almost impossible nowadays, except if you camp at some national parks. So, the chance to learn about the night sky and appreciate its beauty is really invaluable. While I was in the show, it reminded me of my childhood, of those summer nights when I lay on the grass and stared at the night sky, and made up fancy stories about those shining stars. Such an innocent and worry-free time!

We pretty much spent most of the day in these two museums. Afterward, we visited the renown Sears Tower and the observatory deck.

Sears Tower
Chicago Downtown

Day 4, our last day in Chicago, yet we still had so much to see. We felt that the time passed by too fast and our vacation was too short. I am sure many travelers feel the same sentiment on the last day of their trips. We checked out our hotel, and we went to Heaven on Seven for brunch. We went to the one on Wabash St., and I really recommend it. The Louisiana style food was delicious and the restaurant service was top-notch. I had poached egg with Andouille sausage, and my friends and I shared a bowl of gumbo.

Poached Egg with Andouille Sausage

After brunch, we visited the last mega-museum, the Museum of Science and Industry and also the old water tower on Michigan Avenue, which is not far from John Hancock building. Before heading to Midway airport, we squeezed out some time and had Chicago style hot dog at Portillo’s Hotdogs. Next time when I visit Chicago, I think I will try more hot dog shops, since I really like eating hot dogs.

Portillo's Hotdogs

Thus, our Chicago trip concluded. I thank you for reading these entries, I hope they provided some useful information for your next trip planning, and I hope you enjoyed reading about Chicago, the windy city.

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