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The Incredibles

Sorry for this belated review, I have seen this movie about two weeks ago, but never had chance to sit down, think through, and write an insightful review. Well, honestly, even now I don’t know for sure what I will come up with.

The Incredibles

I think the best word to describe the movie is “incredible”. Pixar has so far never disappointed me. They continue to produce top-notch computer animation and enticing stories. Most of the stories appeal to a wide range of people, adults and children alike.

The Incredibles is humorous and at the same time meaningful. Part of the movie deals with the issue of superheroes trying to blend in with the masses, and how often they were considered freaks. But eventually at the end of the movie, the entire superhero family found their way to live, strengthen their family ties, and also won the respect of other people. I think the movie is trying to tell viewers something beyond this little happy story.

Far too often, in today’s world, we have been humiliated or suppressed to feel special, yet each of us is a unique individual, a special being. Maybe we just need to be more tolerant to each other, and accept their “peculiarity”.

Okay I think that’s enough said from me about this movie. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you to see it. Maybe you will get something out of this movie that is completely different than what I said above.

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