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Too Much Tequila

My Japanese friend Junko hosted a Thanksgiving dinner party last night. It was a special one, because instead of the traditional turkey dinner we were served with sushi, hand roll, Korean seafood rice, jellyfish and other Japanese dishes that I cannot name them. Anyway the party was very entertaining, besides the usual group of friends that I hang out, I also met several new friends, who were Junko’s friend.

I met Seung Jie Lee (I hope I spelled right) and Hanna Cho, two international students from Korea. Hanna is a 21-year-old Korean girl, and has just been here for merely 3 months. Obviously her family has high expectation for her, since she explained to us that Hanna in Korean means “number one”. I also met one of Junko’s housemate, Concha. I still don’t know her age, but she is mother of a 28-year-old son, nevertheless she looks very young and she says it is all because the daily dose of red wine. She is Indian and she described the harsh living condition in Indian reservation, and how grateful she is that back then her father decided to move the whole family out of there.

After the delicious dinner, we all sat around the living room and started to seriously consume the liquor. We had beers, wines and tequila. Seung Jie Lee suggested that we play games and the loser takes a shot of tequila. We played so many different drinking games, Chinese and Korean. Most of these games test one’s reflex and quick response, but as one consumes more and more liquor, the reflex is seriously in deficiency. Eventually I had who knows how many shots; I started to feel light-headed, and was getting difficult to keep my balance. Next thing I knew I passed out on the couch, and when I woke up it was already 5:30am.

My friends were crazy, they were planning to immediately go to shopping, since many stores have big sales today and open very early. But I had to refuse for my body desperately needed sleep, so I drove home and slept till now. I am glad that I drank a lot of water last night, so now I don’t have a terrible hang-over.

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