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I was born in Shanghai, referred as the economical powerhouse of the modern China; but I grew up in Benbu, a small city in Anhui province. In 1990, my parents and I immigrated to La Paz, Bolivia. We spent one and a half year there and I studied in the local high school. Later, my family moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and we stayed in Argentina for four and half years. I continued my education there, while my parents worked really hard to support me. Finally, in 1996 we moved to United States and came to this beautiful coastal city, San Diego, California. Although I sense my journey is not yet finished, that someday I may pick up my bags and travel again, but I am grateful for everything I had gone through, and I am ready for whatever it is to come.

About Wooden Fish

Wooden Fish was established in August of 2004, originally hosted on a sub-domain. In the beginning of 2005, I acquired asceticmonk.com and moved Wooden Fish over. Currently the site is hosted with A Small Orange, an excellent hosting company with extremely responsive tech-support. I highly recommend it! Wooden Fish is powered by WordPress and an array of plug-ins. Over the years, Wooden Fish has undergone numerous design changes, here are some screenshots placed in chronological order.

Wooden Fish v3.3Wooden Fish Qing MingWooden Fish v3.4 VariationWooden Fish v3.4Enhanced FooterFauna MonkMore ContrastAdded New Bottom SectionFew More Steps to PerfectionWooden Fish Recent ChangesWooden Fish Rainbow FlatWooden Fish, May 8thTiny to MinikinWooden Fish October 2007Minikin2Wooden Fish Minikin2 v1.5Wooden Fish Design TweakMinikin2 Fugue Minor TweaksWooden Fish 2009

Web Design Works

I consider myself a wanna-be web designer. I started to learn Photoshop about 2 or 3 years ago, then later got acquainted with CSS and started to learn it mostly from examples. Over the years, I have made some web sites for free for friends and church. I do not consider them good enough to be showcased, but I just want to archive them in one place for my own reference.

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