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9Rules Reader Badges

For those of us who are not in “the circle of trust”, of course we have no privilege of showing the leaves on our blog. But thanks to the mercy and compassion of the 9rules‘ team, now the readers can get badges to show off on their blogs. Take a look of my footer, I […]

9rules Rejection

So when 9rules revealed the acceptance list on Saturday, I was disappointed to find out that again I did not make it this year. But the good news is I made into the rejection list at CounterJumper, so that’s some consolation.

Praying for The Leaf

I think this is my third time submitting my site to 9rules, hopefully this time the monk can be finally accepted into the temple and be given the leaf. Anyway, good luck to all who submitted during Submission Round IV. One more thing, if you submitted in this round, could you leave me a comment […]

Ideas on Blog Network

With the recent dramatic development at 9rules and Inksmith still in its hatching, I think it is the right time to share my vision of a blog network, actually I don’t know if the name “blog network” quite describes what I have in mind. So if you came here looking for more gossip and arguments […]