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Interesting Bits #1

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Entrecard Advertisement Tips

Probably over a month ago, I signed up an account at Entrecard, and since then I have enjoyed a steady growth of site traffic. Of course, just like anything else in life, in order to get something you need to work for it, it is no different with Entrecard. However, this is not another blog […]

Adidas Olympic Games Campaign

Adidas, being the Official Sportswear Partner of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, kicked off its Olympic Games campaign in China back in November. A TV ad is aired in China titled “Together in 2008, Impossible is Nothing”, and I thought it is pretty creative.

Running Ads

Since last night, Wooden Fish started to run ads from Google AdSense. This is a major decision after blogging here for over 3 years, for in the past I have held negative attitude towards advertisement. So, what is the reason behind my decision? It is rather simple: I would like to use my written words […]

iPhone Ads

Now that we are on June, we are even closer to the release of iPhone. Have you checked the recent video ads of iPhone from Apple? What do you think of these ads? Are you convinced to get one?

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