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Wall-E Review

When reviewing Wall-E, this year’s Pixar animated film, I try to keep simple-minded. I don’t think it is an animated version of The Inconvenient Truth. Certainly, it does portrait an abandoned earth, and a survived robot programmed to collect waste, but the movie’s main story or message is not about environment. It is simply a […]

Thoughts on Wall-E

Click the image to view the new trailer in HD When I first wrote about Wall-E, I was curious rather than interested or excited. Pixar has been known for its creativity and enticing storytelling, but maybe because its consistent production of top-notch films, it has become difficult to surpass past achievements. I watched the last […]

Astroboy Movie

What news! Thanks to Imagi Animation Studio, the same studio who brought us TMNT and based in Hong Kong, my childhood hero Astroboy will come alive on the big screen. Do you remember Astroboy? The powerful robot boy created by a brilliant scientist in the image of the lost son, who seeks the acceptance in […]

5 Centimeters Per Second

Have you ever seen the cherry blossoms fall? Have you ever wondered how fast are they falling? “5 centimeters per second.” Akari informed us in the animated film by Makoto Shinkai. 5 Centimeters Per Second, perhaps, it is the exact velocity we drift away from each other in life. We started together, but life leads […]

Ratatouille Review

First and foremost, the graphics of this animated film is stunning. There are countless beautiful scenes in the film: the panorama of Paris, the kitchen, the spacious yet elegantly decorated office of the food critic Anton Ego, etc. Furthermore, the computer renderings are supreme: the close-up shots of rats’ fur, the drenched cloth and fur […]

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