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QuickOrder for iPhone/iPod Touch

Vienna with Peppermint

I downloaded Vienna RSS reader on Friday, and started to play with it. I particularly like the condensed layout. Since many monitors these days are widescreen, it totally makes sense to place different panels across the screen horizontally. I also tried different custom styles that were bundled in version 2.1.2, and furthermore extra styles available […]

Bizarre Finder Crash When Right-Click

I don’t remember exactly when the crashes started to happen, I must have neglected initially since it happened sporadically. As days passed by, I started to notice this bizarre finder crash more attentively. Usually, my usage of control-click/right-click on my PowerBook is frequent. Especially when I am doing image editing, I have the habit of […]

For Now, I Prefer Xtorrent

Once in a while, I use Transmission to download Chinese TV shows to watch, and sometimes Transmission crashes as soon as the download starts. The crash does not happen always, but my observation tells me it has something to do with Chinese file names. In the past, I simply gave up on downloading, since the […]

Disco, Ready to Burn

I just saw this on Digg, and I thought it is pretty cool to share with others in case you haven’t heard of it. According to the web site, it is a full-featured disc burning software written by the developer team behind AppZapper. Some screenshots were released today, be sure to check them out.

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