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Plug-ins Used on My Archive Page

Today, I want to recommend two excellent plug-ins that I use on my archive page. First one is a plug-in that I recently discovered from WordPress’ dashboard, it is called Compact Archives by Rob Marsh. I think this is an useful plug-in for a blog that has a massive number of entries. I wanted to […]

Recommended Entries in 2007

Here is a list of post entries that I personally recommend from the year of 2007. Some are tech-related, and others are free-style literary writings. It is my way of making sure that you don’t miss any quality and useful posts in 2007. Enjoy! January 20: Bizarre Finder Crash When Right-Click February 5: Take a […]

Recommending SRG Clean Archives

For a pretty long time, Wooden Fish’s Archives page is made by using Extended Live Archive plug-in. Recently, I have dropped ELA and switched to SRG Clean Archives plug-in, originally created by Shawn Grimes and now being developed and maintained by Sean. To get a better idea of the plug-in, check out the Archives page. […]

ELA Update

Arnaud Froment updated his famous plug-in Extended Live Archive to 0.10beta R17 today. I have already upgraded the plug-in on this blog. One bug I noticed is the Hide Advanced Options button in the plug-in option page is mistakenly linked to PayPal’s donation page. I have reported this bug to Arnaud in the support forum.

Timeline Plug-in

I found this little gem in Binary Bonsai Forums, a nifty plug-in called Timeline by Raphael. You can see it in action in my Archives page, I only modified the original width so it fits with my page style. Do you like it?

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