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WordCamp China 2008

A year ago, with the effort of 72pines and China Bloger Network, Beijing held the first ever WordCamp outside of United States. It was a big hit, and the outcome was positive and encouraging. This year, WordCamp will return to China on September 20th and 21st, and the gathering will be officially named WordCamp China […]

Offesive Photo of Spanish Besketball Players

15 Spanish players from men’s basketball team posed in a photo as part of publicity campaign by the team sponsor Seur, a Spanish courier company. In the photo, every player used their hands to stretch their eyes to make it look Asian. The Spanish women’s basketball team also posed in a similar photo for the […]

2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony

More pictures at Boston’s The Big Picture I hope you have time to watch the 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony tonight on NBC from 7pm to 11pm. If you have NBC HD, then you better get excited for the eye-candies you are about to get. The opening ceremony was held at Beijing National Stadium and directed […]

Adidas Olympic Games Campaign

Adidas, being the Official Sportswear Partner of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, kicked off its Olympic Games campaign in China back in November. A TV ad is aired in China titled “Together in 2008, Impossible is Nothing”, and I thought it is pretty creative.

WordCamp Beijing 2007 Photos

Three days after the conclusion of WordCamp Beijing 2007, blog posts and photos started to emerge on the internet. Thanks to all the attendees who uploaded their photos, these photos give me a chance to have a peek of the event since I was unable to attend. Now, for others who are interested of the […]

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