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Early Information About The Dark Knight

July 18th. Do you have this date marked? Well, you should, you don’t want to miss this film, and you shouldn’t wait any longer once it is released. All other summer blockbusters before The Dark Knight seem to be just a series of preludes to this cinematic climax, and honestly after The Dark Knight there […]

The Dark Knight Posters

I love all these posters, can’t wait for the movie release on July.

I Am Legend Review

Personally, it is fun to see a deserted New York City, where wild life slowly takes over the city, and our sole survivor hunts a deer in Time Square. However, this is a movie, it needs more than just spectacular shots. It needs a good story and convincing acting. Certainly, the convincing acting part has […]

The Dark Knight’s IMAX Short Film

If you are planning to watch I Am Legend this weekend, be prepared to receive a pleasant surprise. Well, not really a surprise anymore, since I am going to tell you what it is. According to FirstShowing, there is a IMAX short film of The Dark Knight showing before I Am Legend, limited to IMAX […]

Joker’s Viral Site

With Comic-Con taking place at full speed in San Diego Convention Center, a viral site came into existence to build up the hype and anticipation for the upcoming Batman movie, The Dark Knight. It also hinted some surprises taking place in Comic-Con. It seems earlier on the viral site displayed some coordinates, and they pointed […]