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China Earthquake 5.12.08

I was going to write couple more movie reviews on Monday, but my heart and mind were not up for it. I tried to compose sentences in my mind, but I just keep thinking about the people buried under the rubble, especially the students. I am sure by now everyone knows what event I am […]

Beyond Mourning

I hate the fact that in a few hours after the memorial service, I am once again absorbed back into my life. The collective sorrow that we all shared during the service is merely a point in life, not a line that extends into my future. Sometimes, at least when I think of it, I […]

Take a Pause

Time can be so ruthless, even the shocking death cannot stop its steps. Sun still rises in the morning, and still sets around five or six. We still rush into the terrible traffic in the morning, and we listen to the same radio show on the way back home. Time never pauses no matter what […]

Rest in His Embrace

It still feels surreal to me that a living boy has departed from the world we live in, and he is merely 14-year-old. I swear I still remember that he performed Super Mario theme song in the talent show to raise money for our church’s building fund. I still remember bumping into him in the […]

Coffin Counter

Justified or unjustified, the undeniable fact of war is that it causes destruction and death. Latest data on July 30, 2006 gives us the following figures: Israel 51, UN 4, Canada 8 and Lebanon 750. A graphical representation can be found at Coffin Counter, let’s all pray that the current conflict will end soon.

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