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The Sound of A Wish by ilmungo Through ups and downs, rain drops and sun rays, we held together, we marched shoulder by shoulder. We are not naive, we knew too well life is unpredictable, like how we traveled thousands of miles to meet with one another on this distant land so far away from […]

Absence of LOVE

I still remember how eager we were to see each other. I still remember how safe and at ease we felt when we gathered. We chatted about anything that was on our mind, and we shared dark corners of our lives. There was no wall, no guard and no mask. I cannot forget the strong […]


As I was laying on my bed fully awake in early Saturday morning, my body was burning with fever and my congested nose made breathing almost impossible. I wanted to be in sleep, I wanted to be unconscious, because of the physical discomfort, but I couldn’t, and suddenly I remembered my mom and how she […]

Wooden Fish Featured on CSS Mania

Another good news in my virtual life, I just found out that Wooden Fish is accepted and featured on CSS Mania. Once again, thanks to all the visitors, readers, and commentators that accompanied me and Wooden Fish on this blogging journey!

In Repair

I have been down for the past few days, therefore the lack of update on Wooden Fish. Since last week, I started to reminisce about my grandfather, and by the end of Sunday’s sermon the feeling intensified. I kept searching in my memory recollections of him, and as hard as I tried I only found […]

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