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爲什麽要喜樂?不是因爲痛苦本身有多刺激,而是因爲神能把復活當日所作的奇事做在你我的身上,使得“萬事都互相效力,叫愛神的人得益處”。 很多人把這句話看錯了,以爲凡是有益處的事,都會歸于愛神的人。其實保羅所指的剛好相反,因爲接下去他提到的“萬事”是指: 患難,困苦,逼迫,飢餓,赤身露體,危險,刀劍等事。然而“靠著愛我們的主,在這一切的事上,已經得勝有餘了”,保羅都忍受了。因爲他相信,沒有任何苦難可以叫我們與神的愛隔絕。 這中間只有時間的問題。只要等候: 神把黑暗沉寂的受難星期五,轉換變成復活的星期天早晨的神跡,有一天會在宇宙的尺度上擴張地呈現出來。 來源: 《無語問上帝》 — Philip Yancey

Rest in His Embrace

It still feels surreal to me that a living boy has departed from the world we live in, and he is merely 14-year-old. I swear I still remember that he performed Super Mario theme song in the talent show to raise money for our church’s building fund. I still remember bumping into him in the […]

Ocean of Love

in Your immense ocean of love i’ve found the sole meaning of existence people taught me not to give for nothing but You loved me when i couldn’t even care for my own being people taught me the world never stops when i hobble but each time You stood next to my shoulder letting Your […]


親近你 倒空我的憂慮 親近你 訴說我的空虛 親近你 感受愛的甜美 親近你 以你的心為心 在你的身旁 雖勞苦卻總有勇氣 有你的陪伴 雖受傷卻總有醫治 有你作我主 雖坎坷卻總有平安 親近你 一生唯要親近你 渴慕你的心始終如一 親近你

Haiku #3

Less than two weeks left drumbeats arrive from distance Father, walk with me

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