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Restore Deleted Smart Bookmarks Folder in Firefox 3

Ever since the launch of Firefox 3 on Tuesday, I have been using it as my primary web browser on both my work and personal MacBook Pro. So far, my experience has been positive. One of my usage habits is that I like to keep my bookmarks on the Bookmarks Toolbar to avoid additional clicking, […]

Firefox 3 Released

As my share of contribution, I am urging my readers to download this awesome open source browser, and help Firefox to set a world record on number of downloads in one day. Just download it, and you will be helping to make history!

Radical Promotion

Update: What a coincidence! Firefox just released version last night. Be sure to update your favorite browser, it is a security update which fixes the recently discovered denial of service vulnerability. If this is what takes for you to switch, then so be it! Thanks to Satoshi Igarashi for creating these wallpapers! The wallpaper […]

The Default Browser

It was an easy choice in the beginning. On PC, I use FireFox and only FireFox, so naturally when I switched to Mac, I installed and used FireFox as my default system browser. However, the worry-free and happy days ended quickly when I discovered the problem of disappearing Chinese characters in FireFox. Doing a little […]

Installed Programs on My PowerBook

I purchased my PowerBook on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, so it has been almost a month. Many things learned and adapted during this time, some frustration, some disorientation and of course after each question answered joy and excitement. Today, on my PowerBook I have installed several cool and useful programs, and I would like to […]

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