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Don’t Eat Spinach

The E. coli outbreak is the breaking news of today. 94 people in 20 states were poisoned and one individual was killed. According to the warning of FDA, E. coli cannot be removed by simply washing spinach, so please be safe and avoid eating spinach. The latest announcement from FDA stated that the source of […]

Catalina Island

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to visit Catalina Island together with bunch friends of the fellowship. It was a fun and tiring day, and of course I took many pictures throughout the day. Some pictures I am about to share are taken from my housemate Paul with his baby, Nikon D70.

San Diego County Fair

Sunday, after the church service, a bunch church friends and I went to the annual SD County Fair, which is also known as Del Mar Fair. The fair isn’t new to me. During my 9 years living here at San Diego, I attended this fair more than couple of times. The fair consists of food […]

Best Chef in the World

Ever since I moved out from my parent’s house, I have been eating out quite frequently. Most of time, I eat something simple and economical. Among my dinner choices are Mexican food, Vietnamese food, Chinese food and sometimes American fast food. On special occasions, I would treat myself with a fancy dinner in a restaurant […]


Here are the pictures of Tuesday night’s dinner that I promised to post in the previous entry. Again, thanks to id for letting me post his pictures.

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