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Japanese Pancakes

After work, my friends and I drove to Torrance, and we had dinner at GaJa. This is my second time eating here, and the first time was memorable. The way you get your food in this restaurant is pretty unique. The chef doesn’t cook for you, you are your own chef, and you cook your […]

Ready to Drool

Thanksgiving Dinner

Few posts ago, I mentioned about the Thanksgiving dinner that my Japanese friend Junko has put together, here is a picture to make you drool and hungry.

Too Much Tequila

My Japanese friend Junko hosted a Thanksgiving dinner party last night. It was a special one, because instead of the traditional turkey dinner we were served with sushi, hand roll, Korean seafood rice, jellyfish and other Japanese dishes that I cannot name them. Anyway the party was very entertaining, besides the usual group of friends […]

Taiwanese MP Food Fight

I guess they are no longer satisfied with insults, slaps and fist fights. They want to get creative and innovative, pushing the limit, explore the new realm, and go beyond the ordinary, so now they are down to food fight. One minute they were sitting in a conference hall having lunch, engaged in a strongly […]

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