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My 5 Favorite Web Apps on iPod Touch

I have had my iPod touch for nearly two months now, and I found the bookmark in my Safari growing steadily. Out there on the internet, there are many cool and useful web apps. Mainly, I discover them through the listing on Apple’s Web Apps page. Today, I want to share with you 5 of […]

Wii Lightsaber Game

When I became a Nintendo Wii owner, I remember having conversions with my friends about the potential enjoyments a gamer may have playing a lightsaber game on Wii. Don’t you think it’s fun: swinging you Wiimote fanatically in your living room and fantasizing on becoming a master Jedi? Anway, perhaps we are not so distant […]

StarCraft II Revealed

During the sufferings of my week-long flu, there was a piece of news that shook the world of video game and brought me certain level of geeky excitement. The news was the revelation of StarCraft II. Now, trust me, this is big news, in fact this is huge news! The original StarCraft game was a […]

Two New Games for Wii

Over the long weekend, I have acquired two new Nintendo Wii games: Madden NFL 07 and The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. I purchased Madden NFL 07 for myself on Monday, and my girlfriend gave me The Legend of Zelda as a gift for Valentines’ Day. (Thank you!) So far, I have only played few […]

Amazing SPORE

How about a game that takes you into the journey of evolution, and along the way you can manipulate/create/interact with everything you see? How about a game that offers no boundary in possibilities? No! I am not crazy; I am talking about the next-generation simulation game by Will Wright, SPORE. Will Wright, the creator of […]

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