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GMail Keeps Getting Better

I am really impressed with the new features Google recently released on Gmail. First, the Gmail audio and video chat, I tested with co-workers and it works great. It can be an useful tool to have a quick audio and video chat with other Gmail users without launching Skype. Today, Gmail enabled themes in the […]

Contact Group

This new feature on Gmail will make sending email to my fellowship members so much easier. Thanks Google!

Google Gulp

Today is April Fool’s Day, and there were numerous pranks on the cyberspace. Among all these humorous and creative jokes, I like to bring the spotlight to Google Gulp, a new type of drink that would quench your thirst for knowledge. Apparently, Google has injected a lot of creative juice into this one-day prank. This […]

GMail Can POP

Apparently my GMail account just got the red “New Feature” link appearing on top of the page when I logged on today. Guess what is it? Now I can access my account through POP using my favorite email client, Thunderbird. Over the next several weeks, we are introducing POP access to all of our users. […]

Customization Resource — Issue 3

I just need to point out Google is unstoppable. Application: GMail Notifier, by Google. Application: Google Desktop Search, by Google. Visual Style: Ergo VX 1.0, by Xeon Inc. Visual Style: Royal Inspirat Mod, by playboy. Wallpaper: Open Sea, by RinoISV. Wallpaper: Aqua Genetk, by darkex. Wallpaper: Blue Crystal Set 1-6, by Bartelme Design.