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GMail Keeps Getting Better

I am really impressed with the new features Google recently released on Gmail. First, the Gmail audio and video chat, I tested with co-workers and it works great. It can be an useful tool to have a quick audio and video chat with other Gmail users without launching Skype. Today, Gmail enabled themes in the […]

Running Ads

Since last night, Wooden Fish started to run ads from Google AdSense. This is a major decision after blogging here for over 3 years, for in the past I have held negative attitude towards advertisement. So, what is the reason behind my decision? It is rather simple: I would like to use my written words […]

Google Becomes GUGE

Google announced yesterday that it has adopted a Chinese brand name for its operations inside China. The chosen name is GUGE or in Chinese 谷歌. To be honest, I am a bit disappointed about this name. It sounds awkward, and in no way it embodies the philosophy of the Google Company. Okay, let me just […]

Creative Google Logo

I think it’s a very creative idea, and I just can’t stop playing it with my cursor. I know it’s not going to happen, but I still wish this could end up on Google’s front page.

Contact Group

This new feature on Gmail will make sending email to my fellowship members so much easier. Thanks Google!

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