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Amora Theme and Icons

If you are into customizing the look of your beloved Mac OS X, then you should know this piece of news by now. If you still have not heard of Amora, then you should definitely check it out. David Lanham is simply amazing, never lowers the quality of his released works, instead he takes each […]

Customization Resource — Issue 30

I am not going to include this one in the list, but Luna Element has been updated to v5.0.5. Icons: Cametora, by Susumu Yoshida. Icons: Grand Piano, by Susumu Yoshida. Icons: I Love You, by kzzu. Icons: MEDS, by djnjpendragon. Icons: Wonka Industries, by Louie Mantia. Visual Style: Thallos, by KoL. Wallpaper: Katana 2, by […]

Customization Resource — Issue 29

February is here, I have to release this issue before it grows too long. IconPackager Theme: Ethereal Icons 2, by Capital18. Icons: Agua Extras Vol. 1, by David Lanham. Icons: Ethereal Icons 2, by Capital18. Icons: Stainless, by panoramix. Visual Style: Luna Element 5.0.3, by tornado5. Visual Style: Rain, by Samurai3. Visual Style: Spirit, by […]

Customization Resource — Issue 28

Impressive icons from Dave Brasgalla, and another amazing port from Pete Ross. Icons: Warcraft – Volume 1, by Dave Brasgalla. Visual Style: Black-White, by Houly. Visual Style: PaperAGV port, by Pete Ross Visual Style: Sweet Coma v1.1.1, by zorda75. Visual Style: Truth and Lie v1.0, by sky1983628. Wallpaper: Eastern Laguna, by GoblinFish. Wallpaper: Love Beach, […]

Customization Resource — Issue 27

Thank God is Friday, I wish everyone a great weekend! Icons: Surprise, by kzzu. Visual Style: Resident OS, by MohsinNaqi. Visual Style: Ruler Blue 1.2, by Vivonl. Visual Style: Sirius, by aaronspuler. Wallpaper: Fantasy World, by Aukon. Wallpaper: Field of Dreams, by Aukon. Wallpaper: Genr vs Frelon, by Frelon. Wallpaper: Strange World VII, by KoL. […]

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