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iPhone/iPod Touch Wallpapers

Ever since I got my iPod Touch, I wanted to convert some of my wallpapers into iPhone/iPod Touch size. Truth to be known, sometimes I can be a extremely good procrastinator. As you can see, after being an iPod Touch owner for more than a year, and having gone from the original iPod Touch to […]

QuickOrder for iPhone/iPod Touch

Say Hello to hahlo

I don’t have an iPhone yet, and probably not anytime soon. But if you are one of those lucky and crazy early iPhone owners, and if you happen to be a Twitter user, say hello to hahlo. Twitter just revealed this couple minutes ago. Apparently it is a iPhone-styled interface for Twitter users, so enjoy […]

iPhone Video Tour

Today, Apple released a video tour for the upcoming iPhone. In the 20-minutes video guide, you will be guided through many operations step-by-step, and also towards the end you get to see couple new features that we haven’t seen from the ads.

iPhone Ads

Now that we are on June, we are even closer to the release of iPhone. Have you checked the recent video ads of iPhone from Apple? What do you think of these ads? Are you convinced to get one?

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