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iPhone/iPod Touch Wallpapers

Ever since I got my iPod Touch, I wanted to convert some of my wallpapers into iPhone/iPod Touch size. Truth to be known, sometimes I can be a extremely good procrastinator. As you can see, after being an iPod Touch owner for more than a year, and having gone from the original iPod Touch to […]

Jailbreak iPod Touch 2.0.2

I have been patient enough to wait for things to settle down, waiting for the right time to upgrade to the latest firmware. With the help of the wonderful QuickPwn, I finally upgraded my iPod touch to 2.0.2 and jailbroke it. For the past couple days I have been exploring the new features and thousands […]

June Screenshots

All the screenshots taken during the month of June, both desktop and iPod touch, enjoy!

HWPen: Handwriting on iPod Touch

The release of HWPen really made typing Chinese on an iPod touch as easy as handwriting, and as far as I know this is also the first handwriting recognition program on iPod touch. With all these great applications on my iPod touch, I love it even more!

Jailbreak iPod Touch 1.1.4

Thanks to Jeremy for posting the update on the repository to install January Software Apps! This post is edited on May 2nd, 2008. Now that I have done it, I can finally share my procedure with you, and I hope to make your jailbreaking experience easier. It has been almost 6 months since my last […]

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