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Flickr Video

I think it is yesterday when out of blue Flickr announced the introduction of video, personally I was surprised by the announcement. To test out the new feature, I made a short video today and uploaded it to Flickr.

Some Thoughts after Macworld 2008

If you are outraged by the $20 charge on iPod touch users for the 5 new apps, sign this petition. What a day! I just finished watching the entire Macworld 2008 Keynote minutes ago, and I am going to write down my initial reactions to some of Steve’s announcements. First, let’s talk about the main […]

QuickOrder for iPhone/iPod Touch

Recommended Entries in 2007

Here is a list of post entries that I personally recommend from the year of 2007. Some are tech-related, and others are free-style literary writings. It is my way of making sure that you don’t miss any quality and useful posts in 2007. Enjoy! January 20: Bizarre Finder Crash When Right-Click February 5: Take a […]

My 5 Favorite Web Apps on iPod Touch

I have had my iPod touch for nearly two months now, and I found the bookmark in my Safari growing steadily. Out there on the internet, there are many cool and useful web apps. Mainly, I discover them through the listing on Apple’s Web Apps page. Today, I want to share with you 5 of […]

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