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iPod Touch Screenshot

Finally managed to take a screenshot of my iPod touch, enjoy!

Jailbreak iPod Touch

I did on mine on the same day I purchased. Of course, a lot of research had been done prior to that, to make sure it is safe and worthy. Personally, the possibility of jailbreaking is my main reason to purchase an iPod touch, and trust me a jailbroken iPod touch is so awesome, the […]

iPod Touch

There was a need of a portable music player in my life, so I pondered on the new iPod nano and iPhone, but after couple days of research, reading reviews and identifying my needs, I decided to go with iPod touch. The acquisition took place on Sunday (October 28th) night. Actually this is my first […]

iPod Vending Machine

Believe it or not, it is not a joke. Surprised? You are not alone. I felt the same when my co-worker told me about this. Apparently, the vending machines have been around for quite awhile. I probably just missed the news. The story posted on Boing Boing is dated in May of last year, and […]

Rumor Confirmed

So Apple confirmed the rumor today by releasing iPod Video: 2.5-inch color LCD and up to 2 hours of video playback. For many this is probably a dream come true, but personally I have no use of it. One thing for sure, Apple did not go with the horizontal design.

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