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iPod Nano 2: iPlay

After the release of iPod nano, some designers are already speculating what the next iPod nano will look like. At, it displayed some shots of iPod nano 2 done by a designer. The new iPod nano 2 is called iPlay. It comes with video support, so users can watch movies on it. In addition, […]

First Apple, Going Nano

Excited? Of course! This is in fact my first Apple product I ever purchased. The package opening was almost like a religious ritual, I was recording every step mentally and photographically. I treated with caution and awe. I have to admit, so far everything has been beautiful!

iPod Nano

I was planning to purchase an iPod mini. It looks like I have to re-consider my options now. I really love the black one, so sleek and classy!

iPod Photo and iPod U2

I was checking Apple’s web site and just found out that they have released both the gorgeous iPod U2 Special Edition and iPod Photo. iPod U2 is a black iPod with special red apple click wheel and with signatures the all the group members of U2 on the back. From the picture, it looks just […]

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