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The Forbidden Kingdom Review

I think this movie is likely to generate different reviews from two different sets of viewers: viewers who take this movie as a shallow entertainment and viewers who expect a movie with depth and novelty. I am reviewing this movie from the latter, a Chinese viewer who is familiar with the original novel Journey to […]


This is a highly anticipated movie coming out by the end of 2007, Chinese title is 投名狀. The movie is directed by Peter Chan, and starred by three giant Asian male stars: Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro. The leading actress is Jinglei Xu. If you are familiar with Asian films, you would know […]

The Forbidden Kingdom

I tried to search this movie by the name of The King of Kungfu which appears on the Chinese movie poster, but I got nothing. It turns out the movie’s English name is The Forbidden Kingdom. The movie is special because both Jackie Chan and Jet Lee are casted, and they have not collaborated together […]

Fearless, Jet Li

Unleashed, Late Review

I saw Unleashed awhile ago, so this is definitely a late movie review. Anyway, I just want to throw my two cents here, even though I think the movie is out of theater already. Maybe my opinion serves you as a reference to decide whether to see it on DVD or not. The short answer […]